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Crowd Gatherers/Lead Generators

INCREASE your booth traffic by multiples and ramp up exposure with our respectfully aggressive pros ... Uncompromisingly enthusiastic crowd gatherers and lead generators not only produce attendees for your presentations and generate leads, but they’ll also qualify and process lead forms, oversee theater giveaways, maintain theater seating and swipe badges. Expect an impressive ROI with qualified leads generated by CE Talent Lead Generators and Crowd Gatherers (where applicable).

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On Mic Crowd Gatherers

ENERGIZE your presentation with our On Mic Crowd Gatherers and watch as the crowd sweeps in... These skilled associates will draw in the largest crowd possible. A seasoned crowd gatherer who has experience on the mic, will introduce the speaker, talk about any give-a-ways, and give a brief description of the upcoming presentation in an entertaining manner. At the end of the presentation they can facilitate a Q&A, run any drawings and urge attendees to visit demos or speak to a sales rep. They can also assist in capturing leads once off mic on the show floor. If you are interested in this position but would require a demo reel, please see the MC position below.

Booth Managers

ENJOY the benefits of being in two places at once with a Booth Manager who will help keep your booth and staff functioning flawlessly, from set up to tear down and everything in-between... Our booth managers are well versed in all aspects of managing your booth, including lead generation. They can execute the set-up and tear it down to your exact specifications, and will also assure no hidden costs are incurred, while maintaining staff schedules as instructed. In addition to complete supervision capability and qualified lead generation, Booth Managers leave you to focus on the MANY other things you need to do.

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ENTICE the crowd with a beautifully polished presenter that is experienced in catching and keeping their attention... Your presenter will deliver a presentation that makes your organization stand out from the crowd. Utilizing their unique talent, our presenters excel at attracting attendees, building urgency and focus with the flair of an academy awards MC. This talent includes actors, motivational speakers and TV hosts who have proven abilities to deliver polished, professional presentation or product demonstration so crowds gather around to hear your message. Because of their intelligence in addition to their appearance and personality, our presenters excel at drawing and retaining the interest of thousands of attendees. If you would like to see our presenters in action, we are happy to provide audition videos.


Game Host

INDULGE your guests with the exuberant luxury of a Game Host that will turn them into preferred consumers before they’ll even know what hit them... These high energy improvisational speakers are extremely adaptable, quick witted and outgoing. They will bring to your booth the kind of gusto others will be lacking. Able to draw in huge crowds before beginning their game or interaction, attendees will be entertained while being educated on your products or services. Lively and engaging, our Game Hosts use techniques and tactics built into their games to draw interested attendees and efficiently convert them into qualified leads through concise messages.


Executive Ambassadors

Endeavor to achieve the highest ROI possible with a crowd gatherer who generates qualified leads while sharing the knowledge of a product specialist. Executive ambassadors will proactively approach attendees and qualifying decision-making executives before transitioning them to the proper solutions for their business’ needs. With their keen ability to learn and present complex concepts without the use of a script, you can utilize our on-site specialist for maximum effectiveness and success at your booth. In addition to having 5+ years of trade show experience, they are also skilled in sales and marketing helping you to achieve the highest ROI possible.

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INVEST your valuable energy in the bigger picture while our Supervisors handle the details to maximize your reach and trade show success... Booth Supervisors are able to assist an on-site Program manager while advising clients on how to optimize traffic flow through the entire display to ensure your complete message is delivered to the maximum amount of people! They can be a right hand to a Meeting Manager with the management of onsite meeting room schedules as well as ensure that they’re staffed with the appropriate executives. Booth Supervisors and Managers have 5+ years experience in trade shows and supervision.


MCs / Crowd Gathering MCs

ENLIVEN any event or tradeshow with an MC who is talented with the unique ability to effortlessly gain the trust necessary to brand your desired image into the minds of each attendee... Our MCs make it look so easy and effortless. Gracious and gregarious, they have an innate way of reaching potential customers that might otherwise pass right by, something observed all too often with less experienced booth staff. Like the On Mic Crowd Gatherer, the MC will introduce the speaker, pump up any give-a-ways, and also go into more detail about the upcoming presentation, even delivering a short script. They can facilitate a Q&A, run any drawings, and urge attendees to visit demos or speak to sales reps at the end, and give a detailed overview of the booth’s offerings. In addition you can utilize our MC for any corporate parties, important speeches, or anything where you need excitement and anticipation to build. Our engaging, intelligent and effervescent MC's will help bring any exhibit or event to life.

Product Specialists

ENGAGE your target audience with a detailed explication of your unique contribution to the market, from a welcoming pro... CE Talent’s skilled professionals know how to establish solid connections with your demographic, while explaining everything from basic product information to the intricacies of your corporate concept with improvisational deliveries that create a memorable experience. They inform and educate while conveying your desired corporate message in an engaging manner.


Tech Navigators

ENSURE every qualified consumer is sold on your product with a tech savvy navigator who will position members of your target audience exactly where you want them to be... Like Product Specialists, Tech Navigators connect with your target audience while explaining information to attendees. However, our tech gurus are not just pretty faces. Highly tech savvy, they will learn about the products you are featuring and know where to lead potential customers while capturing critical data like purchasing power, project timeframe and budget. Once they qualify the prospects and answer initial questions, they will introduce them to each of the proper demo staff.


INVOLVE every potential buyer without risking a qualified lead just because they don’t speak your language... Our international language and communication gurus can translate the languages of your choice using not only the speech, but also utilizing their familiarity with international business practices. Our bi-lingual and multi- lingual interpreters make your international customers feel not so far from home. These pros will greet your customers while bridging language barriers so you can efficiently share valuable information to worldwide visitors. Many of our interpreters are also some of our top Crowd Gatherers and Lead Generators. You can utilize our interpreters to fill many shoes getting a higher ROI.

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INVITE soon-to-be loyal consumers to your booth with the intangible embraces of CE Talent associates... First impressions are lasting and our Hostesses will provide your guests with one, in which they will revel in remembrance. By welcoming your guests with a warm smile, guiding attendees to appropriate areas and engaging in friendly conversation, our staff of professionals will establish a strong rapport on behalf of you and your company. Knowledgeable Facilitators will hold the attention of your guests in confidence while facilitating games, demonstrations or interactions as you see fit. Look no further for assistance with distributing literature, serving food and beverages, or even spending time with important clients; our booth staff has got it covered.

Costumed Booth Staff

ENCHANT the crowd with a show girl, superhero, or choose from a plethora of veteran characters with animated people who know how to bring a costume to life... And should your vision require anything outside of our wardrobe, we are happy and able to accommodate the specifics you have in mind.

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Bi- or Multilingual Booth Staff

ENHANCE your consumer base by overcoming language barriers and sharing concepts and ideas with qualified leads from all over the world... If you are seeking friendly, engaging booth associates who can make your international guests feel welcomed, consider booking a professional from our bi- or multilingual booth staff. Fluent and/or conversational in two or more languages of your choice, you can put your international guests at ease when they are greeted in their native tongue. They can even study pleasantries of a desired language to expand their language base to fit your specific needs. *Additional fees if lead generation is required.


INVIGORATE your guests with a taste of the finer things when you allow a CE Talent Model to perfectly show off every aspect of your product... Whether you have an ultrasound you need demonstrated, a camera that needs to be showcased or a runway that needs the walk of a professionally skilled diva or dude, we can provide the perfect model. Though the core of our business rests in the fact that our talent is always more than what meets the eye, we recognize that many of our talent are in fact bona fide models of all shapes, sizes and beauty, so in full confidence we can offer you exactly what you seek.

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Executive Staff

ENLIST the BEST of the best in any capacity wherein you want to put your best foot forward, by adding a member of our Executive Staff to assure your winning team... We have an Executive Staff of 14 of the top talent this nation has to offer, who work exclusively for CE Talent. They were chosen because of their superb results, knowledge of the industry and ability to exceed expectations. If you are looking for the BEST of the best to work in your booth as a lead generator or general booth staff, you can request to have a member of our Executive Staff work with you. To request one of the Executive Staff for a higher priced booking there will be a $50/day up charge. Placement is subject to availability.


Booth Staff Training

ENTITLE yourself and your show to a winning chance by allowing our veteran pros turn your booth staff into CE Talent stamped and approved professionals... According to CEIR, 85% of an exhibitor’s success lies in the performance of the staff! They can make or break the success of an exhibit. Learn the essentials of booth etiquette from seasoned industry professionals! Maximize the output of your booth by learning how to gain the most exposure possible from your event. A member of CE Talent will offer hands-on training to your booth staff, teaching them the “do’s and don’ts” of booth operation. We can stay onsite to offer “incentives” for your staff to stay in tip top shape throughout the event.


Specialty Talent

ENGENDER lingering talk when you impress upon your attendees an extraordinary experience, for which we welcome you to challenge even our wild imaginations... CE Talent offers an array of creative and exciting talents for any trade show or event. We can fill requests for DJ’s, jugglers, musicians, costumed characters, flash mobs, models, actors, magicians, impersonators and much more! We specialize in providing some of this country’s top a cappella and other amazing music groups. You can even challenge our imagination. Ask us to create an original jingle for your next event or we can use your favorite popular tune and rewrite the words to fit your business or corporate message.

Virtual Wow Entertainment

INITIATE an exciting virtual experience when you utilize our award-winning creative team... Clients are turning to virtual experiences to enhance their online trade shows and generate leads. With over 20 years in the entertainment industry, our creative team is Grammy-nominated, won the Drama Desk award, and has produced live entertainment and digital content for TheTonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, NBC Universal, Walt Disney World and countless fortune 500 companies. Whether it’s virtual presentations, tutorials, or training videos, our professional speakers and comedic actors deliver your message in a fun, engaging way. Go here for more information: Virtual Wow Entertainment


"It was a pleasure working with the CE Talent team. Those girls are amazing! They were extremely professional and I am impressed with their efficiency and dedication to their jobs.   I hope I get the opportunity to work with them again on another program."

~Heidi VanDerVoorn, Opus Solutions, Senior Event Manager