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CE Talent has an exclusive executive staff from all over the US who work the show floor, oversee the training of our lead candidates and newer talent, as well as help maintain the integrity of the high standards we at CE Talent continually expect for everyone we work with.  Below are their profiles.  We value our talent as the core of our service to our clients.  Their career goals are accurately applied to each client's needs, insuring a vested interest in each opportunity to work with and for the client. Though the primary goal of our service remains the success of the event, we also work hard to ensure our talent is treated with the utmost respect and veracity.  We provide leadership and job training to assist them beyond their role with us, making each individual more valuable to our clients and the presentation of their brand.  Because we work hard for them, they work hard for our clients! With CE Talent you can expect the care of our clients and talent to be consistently uncompromising. Infinite value and exceptional service gives our clients and talent the support needed in the continuously challenging event industry.

Field Execs


5x7 Kim Stinger.jpg
In addition to the eight years of success she sustained corporate marketing, Kim Stinger’s MBA in International Business and English well complements her engaging personality, affording this technologically & medically fluent public speaker a long list of repeat clients.
5x7 Takara.jpg
Takara “Miss Congeniality” Pate has a lifetime of performance experience and has cultivated highly sought after leadership, communication and people skills by actualizing the strategic concepts of world-renown brands. In addition to being a top trade show staffer, Takara also performs in multiple shows at Universal Studios Orlando and other venues!
5x7 Shannon suit.jpg
Finance guru, Shannon Oliver, has worked every kind of tradeshow there is, but has mastered complicated set-ups, green screens & high tech demonstrations, sailing through last minute changes and technical glitches with a smile. As an Account Executive, Shannon also manages some of her own clients.
5x7 Patti Gunn.jpg
A national PBS television show producer, writer and star performer, Patricia Gunn has remarkably entertained trade show guests for over 10 years. In addition to being one of the nation's best Crowd Gatherers, she also acts as one of the best trainers for these skills.
5x7 Channon Dade (2).jpg
Stanford University graduate and Best Booth Award winner, Channon Dade infiltrated the tradeshow industry after conquering corporate territory as the Marketing Director of the YMCA. It is no wonder clients are clamoring to get Channon in their booth!
5x7 Dawn McFarr 2b.jpg
Whether entertaining or facilitating, Dawn McFarr has built a world-class reputation of skill and grandeur that precedes her; after fifteen years, there has yet to be a theater that she cannot fill and entertain. Dawn is also one of thee most sought after MC's in the business as well as a skilled vocalist.
5x7 Delilah 2.jpg
Delilah Whittington is a wiz in marketing and communication and holds a BS in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing. In addition, Delilah is one of our best crowd gatherers and has captivated audiences of up to 5,000 people throughout her varied and in-depth trade show experience.
5 x 7 Alselis.jpg
Alselis Cruz Arroyo can wow any crowd with her extensive trade show experience, bi-lingual capabilities and vibrant personality.  Her Bachelor's in Communications has helped her effectively engage attendees in her roles as a Field Supervisor, Game Host, Tech Facilitator, MC and Lead Generator to name a few. 
5x7 Lisa Paddock Main.jpg
Lisa Paddock is a cultured, well-rounded professional with an infectious personality and a history of rave reviews. As a graduate of Penn State University with a Bachelor's in Applied Behavioral Science, she is able to utilize this education to help generate high volumes of qualified leads.
5x7 Jamie n.jpg
In addition to being recognized as one of the top lead generators in the industry, well-educated business owner Jamie Hunter is a talented vocalist with the adaptive capability to make others feel comfortable in her presence, even from the center of a large crowd.
Before embarking on a rewarding journey of world travel, former Patient Care Director, Katherine Wohlford, accumulated substantial experience as a healthcare professional following postsecondary study of American Literature. This experience has served her clients well in the trade show industry.
5x7 Hannah Bell.jpg
Years of study in Psychology and Theatre Arts have helped Hannah Bell create a unique approach to procuring qualified leads and emceeing to attract and entertain a crowd. As both a Supervisor and Crowd Gatherer, Hannah shines when engaging audiences of all sizes.


"Thank you for providing us to such great talent and staff! Julia’s high energy, engaging personality, and smile kept each and every audience member enthralled by her interactive presentation with our San Jose TelePresence Center. As this was a live presentation, her ability to ad lib and interact with our person in San Jose, produced a seamless and perfect presentation each and every time. I have been in this industry for over 20 years as an Event Program Manager and can honestly say that I have never worked with a more professional, amazing, dynamic MC, hence being solidified by the metrics of audience attendance. There was not one instance of anyone getting up and leaving in the middle of the presentation, again due to Julia’s ability to capture each audience member. In addition, Dawn and Takara were the most professional and competent crowd gathers I have ever worked with. They captured and scanned an amazing amount of leads. Before I even had to ask, Dawn had summarized the leads for each day broken down by BVDC Theatre attendee, organic traffic, winners for each BVDC giveaway and passport winner of the day. Both Dawn and Takara were always once step ahead of me pre anticipating what I wanted and needed. All three ladies outdid themselves at ASIS making it an outstanding show. I look forward to working with you and the superior level of competency you provide with your staff."

~Joannie Loobey, Comsys, Event Program Manager PMP