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CE Gives to 2DaRescue

Here at CE Talent, we want our clients to Discover the Difference, but we also want to Make a2DaRescue Logo Difference! We believe in making choices that can help make a difference in our own personal lives as well as others. In doing so, many of us have made the commitment to foster or adopt a four legged friend in need of a caring home and welcome them into our lives. It’s hard to explain the kind of joy that these critters bring, allowing us to not only decompress from our long days of stressful work and travel, but the security and companionship they bring us. Who doesn’t love to be greeted at the door by a swarm of wagging tails and loving kisses?! Sadly not everyone is currently properly situated to foster or adopt a pet at this stage in life to enjoy this kind of love and affection for the thousands of animals out there in need of a good loving home.


CE Talent recognizes all of this and is very excited to report that we have chosen to focus our time and treasure throughout 2016 in helping to make a difference in the lives of as many canine friends and human family’s as possible through an organization by the name of 2DaRescue. Here is their latest NEWSLETTER.  2DaRescue is an all-volunteer non-profit organization who rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs that have been abandoned. Partnering with local municipalities, outlying county shelters, and state wide Indian Reservations, 2DaRescue takes dogs in who are scheduled to be euthanized due to the lack of time and lack of resources available to care for them. Being an all-volunteer registered 501c3 non-profit organization, 100% of all donations are tax deductible and go DIRECTLY to the care and well-being of these animals. No salaries or bonuses are paid to any of the hard working individuals who have dedicated their lives and spend a large majority of their time away from their homes and families caring for these beautiful animals. Their mission is simply to save as many dogs as they possibly can. Our goal here at CE Talent is to help support them in finding forever homes for as many of these dogs as possible. We hope to be able to make a difference in not only as many canine lives as possible, but as many humane lives as well!


How can you help?  CE Talent will work with 2DaRescue in a variety of ways to help make them as successful as they can possibly be so they can in turn save as many dogs as they possibly can.  Here are some ways you can help.

            *Donate directly to them at DONATE

            *Purchase a comfy bed at DOG BEDS

            *Help update the website to make it more user friendly

            *Donate a portion of your payment from CE

If you are in the Phoenix, AZ area here are some other area…

            *Volunteer at LA Angels Spring training games at Tempe Diablo Stadium (ONLY home GAMES)

            *Volunteer at 2DaRescue walking dogs or anything else

            *Other supplies and volunteering needed WISH LIST


CE Talent will be implementing an option into talent contracts that will allow you to designate either a percentage or dollar amount of your contracted total to go towards our selected charity. Our commitment to you is that we will match 100% of your donations throughout the year! We are working hard to get the contracts updated but in the meantime, please be on the lookout for a reminder prior to receiving your checks which will give you an opportunity at that time to help contribute to this amazing cause.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at and we’ll be happy to share more with you and our plans moving forward.

CE Gives Back... do YOU

Most people know that even one person can change the world. Well, the same can go for a business. Giving back isn’t just about donating money; it’s about investing and advocating for a cause. A business is never too small (or big) to make a difference.

 Why should people give?

 We all know giving helps others. However, did you know studies show that giving is also good for the giver?  For most people, volunteering, financially supporting a good cause or performing charitable acts triggers the release of oxytocin into the bloodstream.  That in turn reduces anxiety levels and induces feelings of warmth, euphoria and connection to others. Health researcher Stephen G. Post said, “the impact of giving is just as significant as not smoking and avoiding obesity.” According to a 2006 study published in the International Journal of Psychophysiology, people who gave their time to help others through community and organizational involvement had greater self-esteem, lower blood pressure, less depression and lower stress levels than those who didn’t.

 Why does CE Talent give?

 We give because we are inspired to and hope to inspire others as well.

We give because just like we want our clients to “Discover the Difference”, we also want to “Make a Difference”.

We give because we believe it is the right thing to do and like everything we do we try to lead by example.

We give because many of our staff (particularly our President) have been on the receiving end of generosity when in a time of need.

And of course, we give because we can.

 How does CE give back?

 Check out our Giving page to see what projects and charities we have and are working with.  We have a volunteer team of people looking for more projects we can support.  Some will be time such as volunteer opportunities.  Some will be talent, such as utilizing our gifts to help others or donating or reducing rates for sending our talent to events.  Some will be treasure, such as sponsoring international children, matching donation dollars or writing a check for a good cause.

 How can you give?

 You don’t need to make a certain amount of money or have limitless time and resources.  Sometimes even the smallest gesture can make a huge difference (even for you).  You could pay more compliments to lift someone’s day.  Maybe give a meal for a homeless person. How about you spend an hour working on a puzzle or craft with your (or someone’s grandma). You can offer to spend an hour helping around the house of an overwhelmed friend or loved one. Maybe you could just pass along the needs of those you know to others who may be able to help. It truly doesn’t matter how or what you give.  Just know that every gift makes a difference.

Winning the Fight

The Deanna ProtocolTM is an all-natural, safe, and inexpensive nutritional therapy developed for ALS. Scientific studies have proven that the Deanna ProtocolTM significantly slows the progression of ALS and extends life span. To date, several individuals diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Alzheimer's Disease have improved significantly and/or have stabilized after following the Deanna ProtocolTM under the supervision of their respective physicians. We seek to perfect this protocol to eventually provide a nutritional therapy for individuals with other NDs, such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease. The first phase of our protocol focuses on stopping nerve cell death in persons with NDs, which will stabilize their physical condition and slow deterioration of the nerves and muscles.

Our next phase of protocol focuses on repairing damaged nerve cells and stimulating the growth of new nerve cells in the body, which reverses damage caused by NDs.  Neurodegenerative diseases are aggressive and fatal, and there is no known cure.  In providing a nutritional therapy for individuals affected by NDs, we intend to prolong the lives of patients and offer them a better quality of life until a cure is found! We seek to give individuals with NDs the one gift they are often told is out of reach, hope!

There is an opportunity for us to expand WFND’S current therapy program for PALS (People with ALS) and to totally stop ALS progression.   Although not a cure, this new therapy will buy PALS time until a cure is found. By expanding the current therapy regimen to include another supplement, we believe research will prove that beginning this therapy will stop the disease in its tracks. The problem is the supplement in question, glutamate oxaloacetic transaminase (GOT), does not exist for human consumption. Please take a moment to read this letter to better understand the importance of an updated therapy program to include GOT and the Deanna Protocol™(DP), and to see how you can help. 

The Deanna Protocol™, which is part of the WFND Program for ALS, supplies energy to cells to keep them from dying.  This has been proven via anecdotal evidence from PALS, and via mouse studies.  When the cells die, they release glutamate into the extracellular space, which kills the contiguous cells.   If we can supply enough energy to the PALS to stop the cells from dying, we can prolong their lives.  However, if too many cells are dying, we cannot keep up with the cell death by supplying energy alone.  Therefore, it is imperative that we neutralize the glutamate.   

Research already done at the Weizmann Institute in Israel has found a method to neutralize glutamate using GOT and hence, stopping the spread of ALS.  There is enough anecdotal and research evidence indicating that the combination approach of the DP and GOT will totally stop the progression of ALS. There is a supplement, oxaloacetate, currently on the market that neutralizes glutamate, but it is extremely short lived in circulation and not nearly as effective as GOT. 

At this time, GOT is only made for research and not for human consumption.  WFND has funded a research study on ALS mice, which will test the combination of the DP plus GOT to determine if the results are superior to using only the DP.   Based on previously performed research on the DP and GOT, individually, we foresee a positive result where these substances will work together to stop ALS.