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CE Talent specializes in providing talent that goes the extra mile, staff that will thoroughly match talent with your needs and results that will always exceed expectations.

Since 1993, Classic Entertainment (CE) has been providing superior service and entertainers to hundreds of clients, filtering unparalleled service through our staffing and talent division, CE Talent. We understand our clients' individual needs and work diligently to provide personal attention. We work with companies all over the world who are known to have discriminating tastes. From the largest corporations to smaller businesses, our exceptional ability to outsource personnel matches the highest expectations of even the most selective client.

"I have worked with CE Talent for multiple tradeshows and events and have time and again been impressed with the staffing and on-site execution at events. The staff has been very professional, enthusiastic and educated on the products when applicable. I look forward to the next opportunity that I get to work with the team at CE Talent again!"
~ Travis Hagberg, Sparks, Account Director

Please get to know a little about our Office Staff...



Becky Jo Schwarz

President and Chief Difference Maker

Myers Briggs- ENTJ aka, Chief, Commander, Fieldmarshal

Becky Jo's proven ability to strategize with exhibitors, increase booth traffic, maximize budgets and lead other talent to be their finest has enabled her to build a solid, world-class client & talent database. It is this track record with clients and equally solid relationships with the industry’s best talent that led her to start CE Talent. Having worked well over a hundred trade shows and events in over 15 countries, on 5 continents, she combined 20+ years of performance (incl. singing for Disney, Universal, NBA, NHL, MLB, and more), leadership (incl. performing nationwide leadership trainings), marketing experience and uncompromising integrity (personal and professional) to help make CE Talent and all those associated with the company the best they can be. Though Becky Jo considers herself a work-a-frolic, being that she frolics around the world and loves it, she is grateful to come home to her amazing husband Tom and their two German Indian dogs, Tonka and Tala (which are essentially hypoallergenic German Shepherds). To this day Becky Jo still works shows so she can mentor talent and make sure the match making she does with talent and clients is always exceeding expectations.

Tom SchwarzTom Schwarz

Vice President & Protector of Finance

Myers Briggs- INFJ aka Protector, Councelor, Advocate


Tom comes to CE Talent with him a diverse knowledge and understanding not only of financial responsibility but proper business management as well. His experience started out at are early age working in the residential construction market and progressed to a career with one of the nation’s leading prime specialty subcontractors which lasted over 20 years. In May of 2015 Tom decided to leave his high stress, high stakes position as a Senior Estimator to pursue an opportunity working with CE Talent where making a difference has always been a higher priority than making huge profits. During his time there he helped put in place budget, estimate, and even successfully helped manage multiple multi-million dollar projects.  In 2012 Tom served as treasurer when the overall financial position of the church was at an all-time low but was able to come away from the experience with not only a balanced budget for the church but a reinforced picture of what it means to be fiscally responsible! His love for his beautiful bride Mrs. Becky Jo Schwarz is rivaled only by his love for his dogs Tonka & Tala, family, and don't forget, his passion for his KTM and off-road motorcycle riding! 

RebeckaRebecka Reeve

Director of Client Relations/ Success Sentinel

Myers Briggs- ISFJ aka Sentinel, Nurturer, Defender


Rebecka’s ability to quickly establish and maintain rapport with all levels of personnel, executives, VIPs and clients made her a clear choice for Director of Client Relations.  She also continues to work as Lead talent to keep a pulse on industry trends and needs.  Her diverse experience in a variety of industries helps her better understand what client’s are looking to achieve. Her career has included everything from a Board of Trade office assistant, to strolling performer, to National Park tour guide, to Broadway national tours. Rebecka graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ohio Northern University with a BFA in Communication Arts. She brings 10+ years of being a high profile presenter and MC for Ford Motor Company and is one of the top lead generators in the industry.  In the spare time that she does find, she enjoys the outdoors and adventure travel! Thus far, her passion for travel has taken her to more than 20 countries. Her desire to travel is principally derived from a love of new and varied experiences. This characteristic is integral to CE's clients' successful trade show programs!


"My team from CE Talent was top notch. The perfect mix of welcoming and pleasantly aggressive to help pull booth passers-by in. And eager and willing to learn the product marketing material to help qualify prospects from the aisle, to make sure we only spent time on likely targets. Would work with your team again in an instant."
   ~ Peter Kazanjy, TalentBin, President